Five must-haves for your patient-centric email campaigns

Inspire Promote offers clients the ability to market directly to our members using Targeted emails. These emails are a flexible way to launch in-house content using Inspire-approved language that resonates best with patients and caregivers alike.

Inspire members are highly receptive when to receiving promotional offers via email. Of the US-based members interested in psoriasis, for example, more than 80% opted in.

When connecting with members via email, it’s important to differentiate yourself and your brand. We’ve all experienced email overload. The average person, in 2018, receives over 110 emails per day.1 Standing out from the clutter and getting your email opened is the first step. Here are a few ways to get the most out of your targeted emails with Inspire.

Personalizing and segmenting

Open rates are influenced by personalization. Personalization increases a message’s relevance to the receiver. A huge body of research has confirmed that the more relevant a message is, the more involved the receiver will is and the more they remember the message.2

Inspire sends email to patients and caregivers who have already expressed an interest in and/or relationship with a particular disease or condition. Research indicates that messages that include aspects that match the receivers identity are more likely to persuade or influence and increase positive feelings toward advertised products.3

Other positive outcomes of message involvement include more positive feelings toward banner ads and more positive intentions to purchase.4

Keep it simple and accessible

If the email content is difficult or if it suggests an action that is difficult or complex, it may negatively impact the reader.5 Research has found that perceived effort can inhibit interest in visiting websites.6

Writing to members in plain, simple language avoiding medical jargon builds trust.

Our eBook How Does Pharma Learn to Speak “Patient”? is a useful guide in effective email communication with patients and caregivers. Our team is skilled in translating “medicalese” into plain language while assuring compliance with FDA regulations.

Meet Scanners Where They Are

Most people scan their emails–spending around 11 seconds per email. However, people on mobile devices have been found to read their emails more than those on laptop or desktop computers.7  We recommend implementing several techniques to increase time spent on emails and appeal to mobile readers.

  • Email with text at 14 point or higher and with more height-per-line makes them more mobile reader friendly.
  • Subject lines that are optimized; A/B tested and contain matching pre-text helps involve scanners.
  • Using bullets and headings allow scanners to engage with email more effectively.
  • Using large buttons for the call-to-action makes emails mobile friendly.

Storytelling as a hook

Storytelling is essentially human. Stories are relational resources that connect people to each other and move people to action.8 Inspire members share stories to educate, inspire and empower each other. Using a quick anecdote is a terrific hook for our members.

Benefits of Inspire Promote

Over the last three years, Inspire has conducted an annual member survey asking members about their knowledge of and relationship to the manufacturers of their treatments. The results have been remarkably consistent with about 40% not having any knowledge of the pharmaceutical companies behind their treatment. Only 14% have felt they have a relationship with their pharmaceutical company.9

A Gallup poll conducted in 2016 found that only 9% of those surveyed believed that pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies put patients before profits.10

Research indicates that trust improves responses to advertising and advice and also reduces fear of negative outcomes.11 Additionally trust influences actions like opting-in to receive emails.5Inspire communities are built on trust. Safety, transparency and privacy control make Inspire a place where patients and caregivers find community. Reaching patients and caregivers through their trusted community, in a personal way, is a key benefit of Inspire Promote. Our Inspire Promote webpage provides details and contact information for potential clients.

See our eBook “How Does Pharma Learn to Speak “Patient”?”

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Inspire offers a trusted community to patients and caregivers.  Our goal with this blog, this website and our content is to provide the life science industry access to the true, authentic patient voice. In so doing, we support faithful operationalization of patient-centricity.  Take a look at our case studies, eBooks and news outlet coverage.



2Eagly, A.& Chaiken, S. (1993). The Psychology of Attitudes. Fort Worth, TX: Harcourt, Brace & Janovich.