Promote brands and products to engaged health audiences

Inspire is a health community where millions of engaged patients and caregivers find information about their health. Our brand partners deliver information about pharmaceutical options during key moments, from diagnosis through treatment.

Inspire users spend an average of 7 minutes longer on Inspire than other healthcare websites.

Targeted, disease-specific marketing opportunities

  • Reach millions of self-identified patients and caregivers at key decision-making moments
  • Market to audiences based on condition, including rare diseases and hard-to-reach populations
  • Meet highly engaged audiences when they are leaning in to their health
Person with prosthetic leg sits on couch with loved one, both appear upbeat while looking at digital tablet

Inspire members engage with branded content at a higher rate than traditional campaigns.

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Reach more patients and caregivers with Inspire


Community banner advertising


Email banner advertising


Sponsored native content, including video


Targeted, custom emails

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