Generate clinical evidence

Real-world data has the power to inform business decisions, close knowledge gaps, and transform health. Inspire offers evidence generation solutions to meet a range of real world data and evidence needs. 

How it works

Using innovative research methods that combine patient experience and medical data from Inspire’s 2.5 million members, we provide new clinical evidence for numerous diseases.

Infographic illustrating that Inspire is the central point where electronic medical records, healthcare claims data, patient-reported outcomes, and authentic patient and caregiver conversations come together

Evidence requirements are increasing

Inspire partners with life sciences companies to bridge the gap between the data they have and the data they need to make informed decisions.

Drug profile and treatment adherence.
Measure how patients adhere to prescribed treatments and better understand reasons why they stop.

Drug safety.
Monitor, track, and understand adverse events.

Unmet patient needs.
Examine disease activity, including lack of response to therapies, to identify the burden of illness and unmet needs of patient populations.

Quality of care.
Track provider prescribing practices and get a clearer picture of real-world treatment paradigms.

Comparative effectiveness.
Examine how treatments compare in terms of patient-reported outcomes and healthcare resource utilization.

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