Capture Real-World Evidence

From preclinical development to post-approval marketing, leverage Inspire’s unique mix of data assets and advanced analytic capabilities to capture deeper real-world evidence. 

Our approach

Every day, patients are generating vast amounts of data. We combine both patient experience and medical data from millions of Inspire patients to generate real-world evidence for numerous diseases.

Our patient cohorts

Inspire’s Real-World Evidence Platform is powered by existing consented and recontactable cohorts from the Inspire patient community. This includes over 3,000 conditions across rare disease, chronic disease and cancer.  

Filling evidence gaps

We help HEOR and Medical Affairs teams answer questions about how patients adhere to prescribed treatment regimens and reasons they stop, compare treatment effectiveness, identify unmet patient needs, and more.

Some examples of our work

Pfizer had been unable for years to find patients to test a hypothesis linking rare genetic drivers to increasing cancer survivability. Inspire was able to identify and recruit more than 120 patients for genetic sequencing.

Inspire helped shed light on disease burden and unmet needs for patients with 2 rare neuromuscular conditions.

Inspire researchers accurately identified adverse drug reactions in cancer patients by using Inspire data, 7 months ahead of FDA reporting of the same adverse reactions.

Inspire Virtual Patient Registry

Get instant access to a condition or product-specific virtual registry built on Inspire’s robust member data. Our virtual registries combine existing and prospectively collected PRO, EHR and other target datasets as needed.

Featured projects

Social media posts reveal the true impact of multiple myeloma on patients and caregivers

Benefits of linking social media posts to glean richer medical insights

Analysis of online community posts reveals impact of statins on memory

Our research

See how we’ve helped leading biopharmaceutical companies tackle real-world data and evidence challenges. View Inspire’s latest publications.

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