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Inspire is the vital community that supports patients, advances understanding of the health journey, and drives breakthroughs in pharmaceutical research.  Since 2005, Inspire has created a vibrant community of support groups with the most trusted patient advocacy partners. Patients and caregivers choose Inspire because we’ve carefully fostered an environment where everyone feels comfortable and safe opening up about personal health experiences and sharing sensitive health information.

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  • Cancer

    Gain insights from and engage with over 300,000 members of our cancer community created with more than 30 national cancer advocacy organization partners, like the American Lung Association, the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance and the Kidney Cancer Association.

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  • Rare Disease

    Many rare disease patients feel alone, and undergo a diagnostic odyssey that can last for years.  Inspire’s rare disease community of support groups has over 180,000 rare disease patients and  their loved ones, who are connected, engaged, and empowered to overcome their challenges, together.

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  • Chronic Disease

    Patients embrace Inspire and make it part of their lives.  For this reason, it’s easy to engage with patients over time, to better understand treatment decision making and other aspects of the patient and caregiver journey.

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This is the Inspire Difference.

Inspire’s engaged community members provide partners and customers with deep, genuine insights and engagement opportunities into the reality– the “lived experience”–of the patient journey.

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Connecting people with similar experiences provides valuable opportunities for an exchange of support and information.

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Supportive relationships provide information and change perceptions of the roles of patients in healthcare.

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Health Literacy

Embarrassment about a lack of health knowledge or understanding of health is overcome through supportive relationship.

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Research shows that when information is relevant, more attention is paid to it.  Information shared in relationship, as is done in Inspire communities, is of high relevance to community members.

Community Partnerships & Customer Solutions

As the leading social network for health, Inspire offers community partnership opportunities for 501(3)c non-profit organizations, as well as patient-centric insight and engagement solutions for the healthcare industry.  With over 100 national advocacy organization community partners and more than 200 condition- specific support communities across oncology, chronic diseases, neurological disorders, and rare diseases, Inspire works closely with our partners and customers to help achieve our mission: to accelerate life-changing discoveries through a world of connected patients.

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Pharma & Biotech Industry



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Clinical Research Organizations

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