Inspire partners with leading pharmaceutical manufacturer to provide insight into Black and transgender patients’ experience with cosmetic medicine

March 20, 2023

Demand for cosmetic procedures has risen sharply in the U.S. However, there is a lack of data around specific experiences and unmet needs among diverse populations including Black and transgender individuals.

Inspire is proud to announce it has partnered with one of the top 5 global pharmaceutical manufacturers in the cosmetic space to provide new insights that can help shed light on the unique needs of these populations.

Drawing on its 15 years of experience as a leading patient engagement platform and ability to connect with diverse and hard to reach populations, Inspire led a study aimed at better understanding the challenges faced by Black and transgender individuals when seeking cosmetic treatments. Patients who participated in the study shared their experiences surrounding cosmetic medicine as well as unmet needs.

Through this collaboration, Inspire is working to address the lack of research and data on the unique needs and concerns of Black and transgender patients, who are often underrepresented in clinical research. Inspire will also work to improve understanding of barriers to participation in clinical development more broadly. The project is an example of Inspire’s growing portfolio of research initiatives aimed at identifying best practices for improving engagement of patients in underrepresented communities in medical research.

“We are passionate about making sure the voices of patients are represented in medicine, and proud to be able to help bring attention to the experiences of black and transgender patients,” said Brian Loew, CEO of Inspire. “Through this collaboration, we hope to help advance understanding of how cosmetic medicine can be more inclusive.”

Inspire leveraged its unique patient engagement platform with over 2.5 million members to complete the multiphase, unblinded research study in 2023. Through the study, the manufacturer had the opportunity to hear directly from patients on their perspectives. Inspire also collaborated with several key organizations focused on diversity, equity and inclusion in medicine, who provided input as part of this project. Inspire is planning to co-present research findings at a scientific conference later this year.