New Survey Developed to Assess Sexual Health in Female Partners of Prostate Cancer Patients

June 7, 2024

Inspire researchers recently collaborated with Dr. Stacy Loeb of NYU’s Langone Health and researchers from the University of Michigan and Memorial Sloan Kettering to create a measurement instrument assessing the sexual health of female partners of those living with with prostate cancer. The study, titled “Development and Validation of a Survey to Assess Sexual Health in Female Partners of Patients with Prostate Cancer,” was published in the European Urology Oncology journal.

The study involved a literature review, qualitative studies, and expert consensus to identify key domains and generate survey items. The resulting questionnaire, named the Sexual Concerns In Partners of Patients with Prostate cancer (SCIPPP-F), was then tested among 200 female partners of patients with prostate cancer from across the USA. 

The SCIPPP-F questionnaire demonstrated strong internal consistency and test-retest reliability, providing a reliable tool to assess sexual quality of life among female partners of prostate cancer patients. The study highlights the significant impact of prostate cancer and its treatment on partners’ sexual health and underscores the importance of addressing partners’ needs in survivorship efforts.

The researchers emphasize the need for further research to assess sexual health and quality of life among male and nonbinary partners. 

The development of the SCIPPP-F questionnaire represents a crucial step towards better understanding and addressing the sexual health concerns of partners affected by prostate cancer.