Inspire launches patient-centered real-world evidence, including innovative data and analytic solutions

May 3, 2023

Inspire, the leading patient engagement platform, announced today the launch of its Real-World Evidence (RWE) solutions. Inspire RWE will provide innovative data and analytic solutions to help biopharmaceutical, medical device, and life sciences companies gather patient-centered real world insights to drive better patient outcomes.

Inspire RWE will draw on the company’s established patient engagement platform, which includes extensive longitudinal patient-reported and clinical data across thousands of health conditions. By leveraging this platform, Inspire RWE can gather real-world data from millions of patients, providing insights into true patient behaviors, experiences, and outcomes.

“With the launch of Inspire Real-World Evidence, we are introducing a powerful new platform that will enable companies to accelerate their commitment to patient-centered healthcare,” said Brian Loew, CEO of Inspire. “By leveraging our proprietary patient engagement platform, we can help companies gain a deeper understanding of unmet patient needs and develop more effective treatments.”  

Inspire RWE offers a range of real-world evidence generation and dissemination solutions, including real-world data products infused with authentic patient voice, linked and consented medical data for secondary research, siteless virtual patient registries with survey based PRO measures and deep EHR, and patient-focused data and analytics services. These solutions will help Inspire clients develop more holistic evidence generation strategies, providing the right patient data at the right time.

Inspire will unveil its research capabilities as an exhibitor at the upcoming International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) conference May 7, 2023 in Boston. At the conference, Inspire will also present its work to advance understanding of disease burden and unmet needs for a rare condition known as chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP). 

“We believe that patient-centered real-world evidence is the key to better patient outcomes,” said Richard Tsai, senior vice president of Real-World Evidence at Inspire. “Inspire RWE will enable companies to efficiently synthesize, integrate, and disseminate evidence, and ultimately, improve patient lives.”

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