Clinical trial recruitment leads to blockbuster drug for ovarian cancer

Client objective

Recruit patients for a phase IV clinical trial

An Inspire client needed to recruit patients for a phase IV clinical trial with highly-specific eligibility requirements. The study required patients with certain mutations who had previously failed three chemotherapy treatments.

Inspire solution

Target, pre-screen, confirm, and refer eligible clinical trial patients

Inspire worked with the client to develop messaging for the clinical trial recruitment campaign. Inspire then collaborated with a patient advocacy partner to recruit participants from the Inspire community. Using a three-phase approach, Inspire: 

  • Identified possible eligible participants
  • Confirmed their eligibility against the inclusion/exclusion criteria, and 
  • Referred eligible participants to local study sites

The results

Inspire enrolled 20% of the trials subjects within 30 days.

Illustration of a healthcare worker successfully collaborating with a research scientist

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