Boosting Engagement with Inspire Promote: Sponsored Content

By Odin Soevik

Last year we created a new Promote offering – Inspire Promote: Sponsored Content. Sponsored Content, a form of native advertising, allows clients to publish long-form, brand-sponsored content with the look and feel of posts within the discussion feed of our communities. (See, Turning Visitors Into Customers: Introducing Sponsored Content On Inspire). Unlike banners or other advertising products, Inspire Promote: Sponsored Content blends almost seamlessly into the feed. Yet we are careful to follow regulatory guidelines that ensure that the content is clearly labeled and not misleading to members and visitors.

Sponsored Content is an opportunity for clients to provide Inspire members and visitors with information and offers that are most relevant to their patient journey. A wide range of content can be used to support client objectives including articles, infographics and videos. Successful sponsored content on Inspire often addresses the questions members pose about treatment options, side effects, pain, stress, and more. (See, Know Your Audience: 4 Tips for Creating Compelling Sponsored Content for Inspire).

Designed to make key branded content accessible within Inspire communities, Promote: Sponsored Content engagement is measured beyond traditional click-through-rates (CTR). Our metrics assess how members click-to-interact with branded content within a post, how much time they spend doing so, and how well the content guides them to a client site.

Inspire’s communities are extremely effective channels for native advertising that provides information on existing treatment options. Clients reach a highly motivated population of patients and caregivers eager to educate themselves. One such community is the Ovarian Cancer Support Community on Inspire. Launched 11 years ago in partnership with the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance, it provides community for patients with ovarian cancer and their caregivers.

The community has over 46,000 members who often refer to each other as Teal Sisters, a term of solidarity and camaraderie referring to the ribbon color for ovarian cancer. We shared one Teal Sister’s video and more about the community in Video Vignettes: Through Their Own Eyes: Ovarian Cancer.

Over the years, postings have grown to almost 60,000 stored on Inspire. Ovarian cancer patients and caregivers share insights on treatments, side effects, scanxiety, stress and support.

Since starting the Inspire Promote: Sponsored Content offering a year ago, Inspire’s rate of engagement has surpassed client-reported CTR averages for endemic-specific traditional display banners.

Today, we share a case study involving this community. To learn more, download our case study, Native Advertising Case Study: Boosting Engagement with Sponsored Content.

See our case study, “Native Advertising Case Study: Boosting Engagement with Sponsored Content”

Download case study
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