Patient-Focused Drug Development

Inspire's PFDD solution helps our clients answer the FDA's call for valuable perspectives from patients, family members, and caregivers throughout drug development​

The FDA has made increasing commitments to the inclusion of Patient Focused Drug Development (PFDD) and Real World Evidence (RWE). FDA is working on guidances around PFDD for the pharmaceutical industry, focused on incorporating the patient voice and perspectives into key components of its regulatory decision process.

Inspire’s experience with FDA has driven and defined our PFDD solutions, founded in real world patient and caregiver voice.

Robust solution with great flexibility and scalability

Throughout the trial and product life cycle, Inspire Insights products access meaningful real world evidence (RWE) about patient experiences, perspectives, needs and priorities for systematic consolidation into drug development.

We utilize our broad range of Inspire member engagement methods and advanced primary and secondary data analytics capabilities to design and conduct research that develops structured patient experience data and that delivers actionable results.

Whether you are a small team focusing on just one study or a large pharma team needing help across an entire portfolio, you can count on our team and platform to support you.

Inspire PFDD experts are here to help you in every step of the process.

Inspire’s dedicated research team consisting of sociolinguists, qualitative and quantitative research specialists who have worked on hundreds of research projects engaging with patients and caregivers as well as the engagement technology platform your team needs to infuse the patient voice in drug and medical product development.

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How does PFDD at Inspire work?

PFDD consulting at any step throughout the Drug Development Process


Discover & Preclinical Studies

Patient Unmet Needs

Patient perspective on protocol design and development


Clinical Trials

Patient Information on barriers to enrollment and retention

Patient perspective on cost, obtaining knowledge base, marketing materials, insert understanding


FDA Review/Approval


Post Marketing

Patient experience with medication/ side effects

Engage Surveys

Pulse surveys

Engage Virtual Patient Interviews

Virtual Patient Interviews


Social landscape

In-depth surveys

Virtual Advisory Boards

Strategic Deep Dive

Capabilities to achieve PFDD
How we obtain RWE for our customers

FDA is committed to inclusion of Patient Focused Drug Development over many disease areas.

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