Capture the true patient journey

Take patient market research to the next level

To help healthcare industry partners harness the power of patient and caregiver insights, Inspire developed Inspire PatientJourney+™. This proprietary solution provides permissioned access to Inspire’s 2.5 million-member community. PatientJourney+™ uses patient voice, patient-reported outcomes, and claims data to give you a window into the patient and caregiver journey. 

PatientJourney+™ offers insights into:

  • treatment patterns
  • patient reported and clinical outcomes
  • clinical pathways
  • settings of care
  • topic area sentiment
  • brand profiles
  • patient profiles
  • adherence and compliance

Learn more about how a custom PatientJourney+™ study can yield powerful new patient insights.

Is PatientJourney+ available in a syndicated report?

Inspire Patient Monitor syndicated reports are the most comprehensive source of disease-specific market insights.

  • Get the most sought-after patient voice, patient-reported outcomes, and claims data for your disease area in a
    syndicated report.
  • Reports offer deep insights for market analysis, commercial opportunity assessment, and commercial strategy. 
  • Patient claims data updates are available on a monthly or quarterly basis.

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