Longitudinal Patient-Centered Community Engagement

Inspire Engage is our suite of research methodologies – surveys, interviews and small group engagements- recruit directly from the over 200 Inspire communities specific to rare diseases, cancers, autoimmune and chronic conditions to measure, validate, and explore. Inspire’s in-house expertise finds the right people, asks the right questions, and elevates meaningful insights that live beyond project delivery.

Distinctive Features

Diverse Members

A broad and diverse range of engaged members willing to participate in traditional quantitative and qualitative research to accelerate medical progress. (See our blogpost and case study: Brain Tumors – What patients and caregivers need – An Inspire Insights: Engage Case Study)

Finding the Rare Patient

Singular capabilities in recruiting the “difficult to find” patient. (See our blogpost and case study: Finding the rarest of the rare for research)


Rapid Recruiting

Rapid recruiting and fielding, typically 1-5 days, means quicker turn-arounds. (See our blogpost and case study: Finding patients with rare cancers quickly)


Within Engage, clients can choose between four offerings.


Pulse Survey

Pulse Surveys are 5-10 minutes surveys that support basic multiple choice questions. Designed for quick and targeted research, rapid hypotheses validation or information gathering, these surveys can inform trial protocol design or patient-focused outcomes. The simplicity of these surveys lead to a short turnaround of (at most) 10 business days.

In-depth Survey

Inspire’s more complex, information-gathering, in-depth survey, achieve turnaround times of 10-15 days. The speed with which we can recruit and execute our surveys is directly related to Inspire’s access to and relationship with our members. In-depth surveys can include matrix-style questions, open-ended responses and concept/message testing with multiple media for thorough answers to research questions.

Virtual Patient Interviews

Virtual Patient Interviews (VPIs) tap directly into the voice and experience of patients and caregivers. They provide an opportunity to get direct and open feedback from key patient and caregiver groups around the most important topics. Through VPIs, clients can access topics that patients and caregivers are less likely to discuss in other forms of research or on social media. Inspire offers 30-60 minute Virtual Patient Interviews.

Virtual Advisory Board

A Virtual Advisory Board is a long-term opportunity to engage with key patients and caregivers. Inspire recruits, populates, and runs a Virtual Advisory Board within the Inspire platform. Our team of healthcare researchers moderate and engage with the community, raising questions, eliciting feedback, and prompting discussions. This real world content can inform high stakes decision-making in R&D, clinical trial design and treatment as well as provide insight on messaging, marketing, perception,
attitude, and awareness tracking.

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