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Life science executives face mandates to include real world evidence and expand the role of patients in modernizing clinical trial design, determining new indications, creating outcomes measures that patients value and assessing treatment risks. Inspire Insights™ offers clients access to the authentic patient voice and experience.


Our Insights™ products enable research teams to gain timely real world evidence: patient intelligence throughout the patient journey by elevating the patient and caregiver experience through mixed methodology research with Inspire’s integrated platform.

 Integrated Insights Platform for Patient-Focused R&D 


  • Proprietary methodology that includes advanced data analytics
  • Patient lexicon expertise
  • Inspire’s healthcare research analysts and linguists


Infuse the patient and caregiver voice into all aspects of clinical trial protocol design and product development


Passively and actively engage with patients and caregivers throughout their journey  for targeted intelligence.


For executives trying to gain a full understanding, Inspire’s experts recommend you utilize both Discover and Engage together.

 A mixed-methods, integrated  solution is recommended to achieve a comprehensive understanding of patients and caregivers perspectives. These multidimensional projects provide a rapid, efficient approach and the delivery of fully integrated reports and recommendations – in weeks, not months.

Main components of the Integrated Insights Platform


Using large samples of key stakeholders’ authentic and naturally-occurring online content.

• Gain a broad understanding
• Answer key questions, and
• Test/refine/develop new hypotheses




Purposefully drill down into key areas of interest that may or may not be addressed in online interactions of patients and caregivers

• Validate key insights
• Supplement and crystalize findings
• Explore relevant topics and experiences
• Learn next steps with Inspire’s custom recommendations

How Does Enterprise Work?

The integrated Insights platform provides real world experience data to answer key challenges.

The value of DISCOVER is in access to a large data set  of real world content driven by patients AND the analysis by health care linguists and researchers steeped in patient language and perspectives delivering important revelations  from patients during each step in the patient journey.

At this point in the patient journey, we can provide clients with real world symptom language, missed diagnoses, triggers to diagnosis, emotions around diagnosis and the impact on quality of life.
At this juncture, clients receive information on triggers to diagnosis, emotions that are experienced and discussions on the impact diagnosis has on quality of life.
Of interest at this stage is learning what patients are told by their HCP, what patients absorbed and remember and what they share about their diagnosis. Information is available on the immediate emotional impact of diagnosis.
We provide where patients get information about their condition and also their online and their offline sources of information.
At this point in the journey, Discover can obtain treatment decision making dynamics, expectations on the efficacy of treatments as well as awareness of clinical trials and HCP information sharing.
During this stage, Enterprise can obtain descriptions of life in treatment. Clients receive the key and most common experiences and perceptions of patients on treatment including adherence, compliance, financial issues, awareness of clinical trials and trial perceptions.
By using Insights Enterprise, clients receive outcome measures that are meaningful to patients.
Throughout the treatment journey, information on adherence, compliance, financial issues and awareness of clinical trials and trial perceptions can be obtained.
Clients receive information on decision drivers and the role of patents in the process.

From information obtained through DISCOVER, clients drill down with ENGAGE surveys, virtual patient interviews and virtual advocacy boards to expand and enrich their understanding of the patient perspective,  to refine protocols, to uncover meaningful outcome measures and to include the patient voice in Research and Development. Specifically and deliberately unpack and explore.

Privacy and IRB Approval: Applicable research projects  receive IRB approval by the New England Independent Review Board (NEIRB).

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