Nationwide, some three-quarters of clinical trials do not meet their enrollment timelines. Within Inspire’s communities, thousands of patients are looking for opportunities to participate in clinical trials. For this reason, Inspire has developed an end-to-end solution for full service clinical trial recruitment.

Our Vision

  • Develop an end-to-end platform to help patients match with relevant clinical trials and help sponsors recruit qualified candidates from Inspire's communities.
  • Decrease time-to-recruit across trials, resulting in significant R&D cost savings and reduced time to market.
  • Provide a flexible, risk-sharing recruitment model.

How does Inspire Recruit work?

Target Patient Identification/Engagement

Inspire recruits directly from our patient community platform

Study Microsite

Landing page for patient to learn more about the study


Trial-specific and IRB approved clinical trial pre-screening questions


Phone or medical validation to confirm candidate eligibility

Site Follow Up

Warm hand over and referral trial site tracking and reporting

Why choose Inspire Recruit?

  • Track Record and Trust
  • Experience
  • Partnered Solutions

Track Record and Trust:

  • Inspire has a long history of engaging patients in research and enabling the pharmaceutical industry to involve patients across the value chain.
  • Inspire operates a large network of engaged patients, caregivers, and well-respected partners.

Experience Insights:

  • Patient generated or caregiver insights are often challenging to capture at scale, Inspire makes this easy through a suite of unique tools.
  • Members on the Inspire platform support each other, resulting in high rates of engagement.

Partnered Solutions:

  • Inspire offers pharmaceutical companies the opportunity to raise awareness of studies, track enrollment into studies, and access a suite of member insights.

Inspire members are seeking out answers to care-related questions and sharing their experiences:

“Hi, impressed with community posts and hoping for some advice. My dad was recently diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer….. He is deciding about surgery and getting conflicting advice, mostly bc his urologist says that with his high G scores the cancer most definitely has spread and is just not detected by tests.”
– Family caregiver to a patient with prostate cancer

Interested in Inspire Recruit and accelerating your clinical trial?