Nationwide, more than three-quarters of clinical trials do not meet their enrollment timelines. Within Inspire’s health communities, thousands of members are looking for opportunities to participate in clinical trials, with more than two-thirds of our members expressing interest in learning about clinical trial options.

Our Vision

  • Raise awareness of clinical trial options amongst our patients and caregiver populations.
  • Quickly identify potential trial participants and refer eligible participants to your study.
  • Help sponsors and CROs accelerate enrollment by recruiting qualified trial participants from Inspire's communities.

How does Inspire Recruit work?

Identify relevant self-reported patient/caregiver population on Inspire
Inspire implements trials awareness campaign to relevant patient populations. This may include emails, community banner ads, and ads in activity summary emails
Client or partner takes over tracking leads through enrollment
Client provides IRB-approved content
At this point in the journey, Discover can obtain treatment decision making dynamics, expectations on the efficacy of treatments as well as awareness of clinical trials and HCP information sharing.

Why choose Inspire Recruit?

  • Access
  • Speed
  • Trust


  • Largest online health support community for patients and caregivers provides access to cohorts of patients in particular disease.
  • More than 2/3 of Inspire members are interested in learning about clinical trial options.
  • Members are highly engaged in their health journey and improving their health outcomes.


  • Inspire develops a custom digital outreach strategy to quickly identify potential trial participants and refer eligible patients to your study.
  • Can stratify based on location, age, gender, health condition.
  • Once Inspire receives IRB-approved content, Inspire can launch the outreach campaign within one business week.


  • Members trust Inspire, with >80% of our members are opted-in to receive messages from Inspire about clinical trials.

Inspire members are seeking information about clinical trials:

”I would like you to know how Inspire has impacted my life. In 2014, I was faced with terminal ovarian cancer. My oncologist told me I was out of options. A friend on Inspire sent me a link to a clinical trial in California. That trial saved my life. I’ve been cancer free for four years. I will be forever grateful to Inspire. I may not be here if it wasn’t for you.”

Interested in leveraging Inspire to accelerate your clinical trial?

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