Finding Patients

Inspire is the place to find and engage with patient cohorts with specific medical conditions. Patients with rare diseases, cancers, chronic and neurological conditions are available to participate.

The Inspire Difference






Health Literacy



Discovery And Pre-clinical Research


Inspire recognizes the regulatory milieu of the medical product industry and applies this knowledge to our business and engagement offerings.  Inspire provides quick turnaround on research because there is no need to recruit: engaged patients are in our communities now.

Pre-clinical testing

Successfully integrating patient reported outcomes into a clinical program requires access to patients from the beginning.  This is achieved through patients using a platform they have embraced and made part of their lives.

Clinical Trials 1-3

Clinical Trial Phase 1

Engaged patients and caregivers are willing to participate: Inspire has high response rates (often with no honorarium) and lower dropout rates.  Consumer insights are available from often “tough to find” (rare) patients and caregivers.

Clinical Trial Phase 2

Inaccurate information surrounding studies can significantly affect enrollment.  By involving patients, a clear picture of their knowledge about clinical trials can be assessed and inaccuracies addressed.

Clinical Trial Phase 3

Retaining participants is easier because of newsletters and other engagement offerings provided by Inspire.  Constant contact lowers dropout rates and lines of communication remain open throughout the clinical trial.



Qualitative research data generated from patient interviews or patient listening can help identify issues (for example, side effects, protocol maintenance) during treatment.  Accuracy in developing patient-related outcomes (PROs) measures to support labeling claims and future marketing initiatives require access to patients and patient leaders.

Post treatment Trials

Clinical Trial Phase 4

If Phase 4 testing is required, a continuously maintained relationship with patients and caregivers provides further feedback and possible enrollment opportunities.  Elements of the patient experience, from symptoms to the impact of disease on physical function and even negative or adverse events, can easily be obtained through Inspire’s business solutions.
Explore ways we can help with your customers.

Explore ways we can help with your customers.