Inspire Overview

Leading social network for health that connects patients and caregivers in a safe permission-based manner

Started in 2005

100 patient advocacy partners

1,000,000+ members

2,000,000 reported medical condition

8,000,000 posts

Support without Borders

Members connect across time and space: around the globe 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.  They are resources for each other sharing health information and support without regard to location, background or status.  Together they reduce the feelings of isolation experienced by those with chronic conditions, cancer, rare diseases.

We all believe that “Together we’re better.”

Selected Features Supporting Engagement

Nonprofit advocacy community partners:

Our Exclusive Partnerships  support the community within each specific medical condition category.

Connect panel:

Patients and caregivers can connect with others who understand what they’re going through by joining, messaging and adding others as friends.

Discussion feed :

Each member’s homepage feed quickly displays the latest content being discussed in his/her community.

Expert moderation:

Inspire’s moderators 24/7 vigilance maintains our supportive, caring, secure community.


Partners offer valuable resources to members.

Beyond these features, Inspire focuses on providing the best experiences to meet members’ needs.

Unparalleled Patient-Centric Experiences

Inspire is constantly updating and responding to feedback from members to create a welcoming patient-centric platform that is valuable to members and the healthcare industry.

Practical experience

Practical experience:

Members need information and help.  Members find our site to be practical and useful.  In fact, members, other patient advocates, Inspire community moderators as well as our nonprofit partners often share this aspect of Inspire with others.

Empathy experience

Empathy experience:

Empathy connects, encourages sharing and supports members throughout their journey.

Social experience

Social experience:

Loneliness is often part of living with chronic conditions.  On Inspire, members have a social outlet.  Members provide warm welcomes and  emotional support, making the experience positive and friendly.

User experience:

User experience:

Patients and caregivers need an easy-to-use platform.  Inspire actively listens to feedback from members and utilize it to continuously improve their  member experience.

Privacy experience

Privacy experience:

Health is intimate and members need control over their health information.  Shaped by our conviction that support and connection are essential to good health, we affirm that Inspire maintains a secure and safe community. Community is built on trust and respect.  For this reason, Inspire goes beyond our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and pledge to our members: Transparency. Transparency means that members have full control of their personal information.

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We want this to be a two-way conversation with you, so please never hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.