Improving clinical trial design

About the project

An Inspire client was developing clinical trial protocols for scleroderma-associated interstitial lung disease (SSc-ILD). The client approached Inspire with three goals:
  • Understand patient disease burden
  • Evaluate clinical trial protocols
  • Develop a trial recruitment strategy based on patient preference
Inspire collected awareness and sentiment data using quantitative surveys (n=50). Patient preferences were further refined using virtual patient interviews.
  • Quantitative surveys were fully-fielded in 14 days with translations, moderation, and native transcripts provided by Inspire
  • Patients were located across the U.S., France, and Germany
Cartoon depiction of individuals analyzing data in a lab setting

Benefit to the client

As a result of our research, the client could make more informed decisions about clinical trial design and recruitment strategies, ensuring adequate and timely enrollment and higher rates of study completion.

Inspire provided our client with:

Lightbulb icon shining bright and representing the presence of big ideas
Insights for how best to educate and alleviate concerns among potential trial participants
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Key learnings to help inform trial design, eligibility criteria, and study length
Icon of an individual providing quality recommendations to another individual
Recommendations for how to better define clinical endpoints

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