Diversifying patient engagement in clinical trials

About the project

An Inspire client was developing clinical trial protocols for products and treatments in aesthetic medicine. The client approached Inspire with three goals:
  • Understand the barriers to clinical trial participation in specific patient communities
  • Learn the best methods for engaging, recruiting, and retaining participants
  • Develop a trial recruitment strategy based on patient preference
Inspire collected awareness and sentiment data using focus groups.
  • Patients were self-identified as Black, African American, and/or transgender
  • Patients were located in the U.S.
  • Learnings were combined with key opinion leader (KOL) research
Cartoon illustration of diverse group of individuals holding unique thought bubbles

Benefit to the client

As a result of our research, the client could make more informed decisions about clinical trial design and recruitment strategies, ensuring improved diversity among their patient engagements. 

Inspire helped our client: 

Icon of a road map journeying from beginning to end
Develop a roadmap to create clinical trial entry among Black, African American, and transgender communities
Icon of patient's medical record
Identify key opportunity areas to intersect with these patient populations
Icon showing it's a continuous effort to engage and retain patients
Gather recommendations for how to better engage, recruit, and retain these patients

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