Enhance your content discovery and engagement with Sponsored Content on Inspire

A new way to engage

Sponsored Content on Inspire provides clients the opportunity to share their content as a native ad directly in one of Inspire’s 220+ condition-specific communities.

Why Sponsored Content?


When clients provide value to our members through educational sponsored content, they increase goodwill and awareness of brands.


Our members want to be kept up-to-date on the most recent research findings on their condition.


Content that supports hope can be a lifeline to our members.


Distributing knowledge and ideas through Sponsored Content on Inspire will increase awareness of your product or service.

What is it?

  • Cohesively integrated with in-feed discussions on Inspire’s community pages.
  • Prominently identified as sponsored content, with a distinctive style and color.
  • Designed both for engagement and regulatory compliance: preview text, expanded text, video, images, CTAs (Call-to-action) buttons, scrolling ISI.
  • Content can be branded or unbranded.
  • Trackable: reports on everything from page views, call to action expansions, time spent viewing content, age, gender and geographic location are provided to our clients. You can also obtain reactions as a free add-on.
  • Flexible: Sponsored Content can be any combination of videos, images, or text that is appropriate to the message.

Sponsored Content in Action

Key Product Benefits

  • Significantly higher clickthrough rate than banner ads
  • Only one Sponsored Content placement per community is allowed
  • Displayed in-line within Inspire communities like native content rather than banner advertising

How does it work?


Pick one of our health communities.


Provide content per our specifications.  Our digital editor is available to review the content.


Content is placed.  Your dedicated Client Services Team Member will set-up ongoing meetings and provide monthly success metrics.

How is it different from other promotion/advertisement products?

1. Significantly higher Click Through Rates (CTR) than banner ads and other online advertising

2. Opportunity to obtain detailed demographic and locational intelligence on prospects
3. Ability to collect informative behavioral data on prospects

Guidance on Sponsored Content Specifications:

Preview title length:  50 characters*

Preview text length: 300 characters*: The preview text is what is shown in the feed.  Readers have the opportunity to click to expand and view Expanded text.

Expanded text length:  Inspire recommends a maximum of 800 words if there are no images or videos, or 500 words if there are images or videos, not including scrolling ISI

Animation:  Scrolling ISI can be added in the expanded content (maximum length 15 seconds)

Creatives:  Inspire recommends refreshing the sponsored content once per month to ensure higher engagement.  Inspire’s digital editor will work with you to ensure that the content is as relevant and meaningful as possible

Image or Video dimensions:  No image or video in the preview.  In the expanded content, it may be 350 pixels wide and up to 500 pixels high.  Height requirements can be modified if necessary. JPG, GIF, or PNG supported.

*These are standard sizes to fit the available space, but if longer or shorter than average characters are used, there may be more or less space accordingly.

Our Digital Editor is available to optimize your content to our members interests and needs.

Interested in Sponsored Content On Inspire?