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Nebula Genomics Inks Deal With EMD Serono To Help Enable Personal Genome Sequencing
Startup Nebula Genomics has partnered with EMD Serono, the biopharmaceutical business of Germany's Merck, for a whole-genome sequencing study of lung cancer. The project aims to test Nebula's platform, which enables individuals to obtain their own sequencing data and interact directly with genomics researchers for use of that data.
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Brian Loew, CEO of Inspire: Accelerating medical progress through connected patients – Harlow On Healthcare
My guest for this episode of Harlow On Healthcare is Brian Loew, CEO of Inspire (@TeamInspire). Brian created Inspire in 2005 with the goal of accelerating clinical trial recruitment through the use of safe trusted online social networks organized by medical condition for patients and their caregivers.
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Adverse drug reactions detected on social media with natural language processing
Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy often share word of their adverse reactions to the drugs in online health forums. Researchers at Stanford have used natural language processing to mine these posts, accurately flagging detrimental side effects well before clinical journals advise caution.
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Hope: A Strategy for Managing Chronic Disease–Experts by Experience
Time is one of the most priceless gifts we all have, but which can be robbed in an instant from those of us with chronic illness and disease.
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After my cancer diagnosis, some friends abandoned me. Then I did the same thing. Here’s why.
I was fortunate to have an incredible social support system when I was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer at age 35. Still, I struggled when some of the people I thought I could count on virtually evaporated from my life.
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Breast cancer stole the life she had. So she started a new one
Cancer stole the future as I had imagined it and yet I was the one who had to do the time. My friends and family showed up for visitation. My aunt sat beside me while chemo pumped through my veins.
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Three randomized controlled trials evaluating the impact of “spin” in health news stories reporting studies of pharmacologic treatments on patients’/caregivers’ interpretation of treatment benefit
News stories represent an important source of information. We aimed to evaluate the impact of “spin” (i.e., misrepresentation of study results) in health news stories reporting studies of pharmacologic treatments on patients’/caregivers’ interpretation of treatment benefit.
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Early Detection of Adverse Drug Reactions in Social Health Networks: A Natural Language Processing Pipeline for Signal Detection
Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) occur in nearly all patients on chemotherapy, causing morbidity and therapy disruptions. Detection of such ADRs is limited in clinical trials, which are underpowered to detect rare events.
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Patient Insights: Severe psoriasis & eczema
Howard Chang has lived with severe psoriasis and atopic dermatitis for almost 40 years since childhood. Now a prolific blogger, he hopes to help other people feel less alone and build more awareness of these challenging conditions.
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Accidental Path to a Cancer Cure – Experts by Experience
Incontinence was a major problem for me 15 years ago. Guiding my cousins around the National Mall in Washington D.C. one day, I had to find a restroom for urinary relief several times.
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