Being rare doesn’t have to mean being alone anymore
Introducing the RareXcel program

What is the RareXcel program?

It’s Inspire’s endeavor to accelerate support for people affected by rare diseases. Finding other patients and caregivers facing rare disease is difficult. Inspire wants to make it easier by providing this free service to 501(c)(3) nonprofits.

How does RareXcel work?

Start-ups, grassroot organizations, and large and small 501(c)(3) non-profits engaged in bringing awareness or supporting research of any rare disease are invited to participate.

Inspire partners with these large and small rare disease nonprofits to create engaged online support communities for them.


RareXcel free services include:

  • Safe and secure co-branded online support community moderated and managed by Inspire seven days a week
  • Marketing support to help your organization grow a strong and engaged community
  • Ability to integrate campaigns, programs, and social media activities with your Inspire community
  • Access to Inspire’s data dashboard and Google Analytics data to identify popular conversation topics, community demographics, member interests, and ROI for your Inspire community
  • Opportunity to leverage Inspire’s search engine optimization (SEO) to increase traffic to your Inspire community and your organization’s website
  • Ability to network with Inspire's 100+ nonprofit advocacy partners

What do these services mean to your organization?

More than 350,000 rare disease patients and caregivers are part of Inspire’s over one million community members.

This powerful presence on the web significantly increases opportunities for organic growth of your organization! Of the 1,000 members who join Inspire every day, approximately 250 are affected by rare conditions.

“Since partnering with Inspire, Encephalitis Global has welcomed over 7,600 members from over 95 countries.  Our Inspire community is the largest Encephalitis support network in the world.”

~Wendy Station, Encephalitis Global’s Founder and President

How to become a RareXcel partner

Fill out the partnership inquiry form.

We evaluate your nonprofit against the needs of our rare disease community membership. If there is a match, we contact you and set-up a meeting.

We work together on launching an online community!

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