Inspire is built on a vibrant community of support groups for those affected by cancers, rare diseases, chronic conditions, and neurological disorders. 

Inspire Promote™ allows companies and organizations to engage with the patient populations at the core of each community; using highly targeted, condition-specific marketing tools to provide members with the
content most relevant to them.

Value to the Client:

Value Patient/Caregiver:

Inspire Promote provides four promotional platforms

Community Banner Advertising

Banner Ads, either dynamic or static, are available in a variety of sizes. They can direct members to either branded or unbranded client properties.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content on Inspire provides clients the opportunity to share their content as a native ad directly in one of Inspire’s 220+ condition-specific communities. The content is cohesively integrated into in-feed discussions. For more information on specifications
click here

Targeted Custom Emails

Targeted emails are sent to members of communities that have opted-in for promotional offers. The content of the emails are promotional or educational in nature. Inspire can use already approved language for these emails, or assist your team in creating materials that will resonate best with Inspire members and answer questions that patients are looking for.

Activity Summary Email Banner Advertising

Inspire sends members a custom email on a daily or weekly basis highlighting member’s specific messages, friend requests, new posts and more. Banner ads in a variety of sizes are placed in the emails.

Our case study, Inspire Promote: Targeting Engaged Patients Makes A Difference, describes the return on investment of one life science company's use of Inspire Promote.

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