First Place

How vulnerable it renders us
How weak we feel
Beyond naked
We can’t hide
We can’t run away
We can’t Ignore

With beauty and grace
We accept the challenge
We give in; don’t give up
We have the courage to be vulnerable
Hope and humility
Give us strength
to do what it takes
to survive

Second Place

I look like you, You look like me. One soul in two bodies, Both fighting one truth. To live our lives wholly, Together, pain free. I see you.. Do you see me?

Third Place

I was enjoying a beautiful beach sunrise when I saw a single butterfly fluttering by, so instinctively I put out my hand. Imagine my joy when it landed on my finger. Where there is life there is hope, no matter how fragile.

Member's Choice

#Resilience. POTS (postular orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) caused me to black out and break my back. I learned how to photograph hummingbirds while recovering on my porch. They were the perfect distraction from pain – energetic, strong and magically entertaining.

Circular Reflection
Life is a cycle. I see that in my image of a white ibis feeding on Hilton Head, South Carolina. I call this image “Circular Reflection” and it reflects hope to me.

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