Patient Reflections on Their Journey: How Social Media Health Communities Affect Their Experiences

A live virtual roundtable

Does connecting on social media with other patients change the trajectory of treatment for patients with rare disease, chronic disease and cancer? We ask this question of Inspire members during our free live virtual roundtable.

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Who should attend:


Moderator: Dana Deighton, Inspire

Dana is an accomplished professional with experience in corporate marketing, publishing, and partner/project management. After 25 years at National Geographic, she is Project Manager at Inspire.

Outside of work, she is focused on healthcare advocacy and policy. She serves as an Executive Board Member of ECAN, is a Patient Representative on the Locally Advanced Esophageal Cancer Guideline Panel for the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), a member of NCI Patient Advocate Steering Committee and NCI Esophago-Gastric Task Force and serves on the Esophageal and Stomach Cancer Project Patient Advisory Committee, a project led by the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.  After many years as a caregiver to family members and surviving her own health crisis, Dana thrives on improving and empowering patient communication and connections to drive better health outcomes.


Sarcoidosis Patient Advocate: Jean Hilde

After seven years of mysterious heart symptoms, I suffered complete heart block in 2014 and had a permanent pacemaker implanted. I was finally diagnosed with sarcoidosis in March 2017. I retired ten years ago after having run my own family law practice for 20 years. Being retired has given me time to deal with my various health issues (which have been many) but has also allowed me to become more active in my community: I am the director of my neighborhood association, a member of my city’s Parks Funding Advisory Committee, and a citizen advisor to my state’s DSHS in regard to our local residential habilitation center. I am a tenacious researcher who refuses to take “we don’t know” for an answer when it comes to my health!”


Psoriasis Patient Advocate: Vickie Wilkerson

I am an Inspire Ambassador. I volunteer for the National Psoriasis Foundation as a Community Ambassador, a One to One Mentor, and a Co-Chair for the Central Advocacy Action Network. I am also a WEGO Health Ambassador in which I have been nominated twice as Patient Leader Hero in the Psoriasis Community. I also write articles each month about Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis for a website. I look for ways I can help the Psoriasis Community to bring awareness to the patients’ struggles that go on each day.


Lupus Patient Advocate:
Vickie Perry