A Hopeful Mindset:
Patient Insights on Clinical Trials

An analysis of an Inspire survey of 1,600+ patients and caregivers from our
cancer, rare and chronic disease support communities

What’s holding patients back from participating in clinical trials?

Over 90% of Inspire members told us in a survey that clinical trials are “essential,” and 95% indicated interest in participating, and yet, researchers struggle to find trial participants. This free 60-minute webinar will bring you actionable insights from members of rare disease,
cancer and chronic condition communities on Inspire.

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Webinar Overview and the Benefits

Find out unmet information needs impacting patients’ enrollment and clinical trial participation.

Understand the impact logistics can play in choosing a clinical trial.

Explore how patients’ hope in clinical trials can be leveraged to increase enrollment and retention.

Who Should Attend

  • Director, Patient Focused Drug Development
  • Director, Patient Services
  • Therapeutic Area Medical Director
  • Senior Director, Patient Advocacy
  • Officer in Drug Discovery
  • Patient Strategy Officer
  • Product Innovation Officer
  • Clinical Oncologists

Presenter: Hannah Watson Eccard
Research Manager, Inspire

  • Researcher with diverse experience in quantitative and qualitative research.
  • Unique history of deriving actionable insights through analyzing datasets of 100,000+ data points and delving into primary source narratives.
  • 6+ years designing custom surveys for patient-centered initiatives.
  • Specialist in crafting tailored language and utilizing complex logic.
  • 3+ years leading healthcare research initiatives, including research into patient-provider communication, population research and deep-dive analysis into user experience.
  • Areas of expertise include analyzing patient journeys, identifying unmet patient/caregiver needs, conducting message testing and revealing patient perspective in clinical trials.
  • Panelist at Patients as Partners 2019.

Special guest host: Seth Rotberg
Partnerships Manager, Inspire
Board member, Huntington’s Disease Youth Organization

Seth Rotberg’s passion for patient advocacy is driven by his mother’s 17-year battle with Huntington’s Disease (HD). At the age of 20, Seth also tested positive for the disease and is a gene carrier. Seth is a rare disease advocate and motivational speaker who is passionate about bringing his personal experience to best support others.

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