Informing The Marketing Process

From understanding customer needs and wants to building relationships and customer delight, Inspire’s communities of trust provide access to flexible, willing and engaged patients and caregivers.

The Inspire Difference






Health Literacy



Create Value For Customers And Build Customer Relationships

Understand the marketplace and customer needs and wants

Inspire’s patients and caregivers use our platform. They have embraced Inspire and made us part of their lives. With over 900,000 engaged patients, finding the audience you need for research is much simpler.

Design a customer-driven marketing plan

Inspire’s research offerings provide opportunities to understand the marketplace and customers’ needs, wants and motivators. Inspire makes a customer-driven, patient-centered marketing plan possible.

Construct an integrated marketing program that delivers superior value

Inspire’s research offerings give you deep understanding of what is relevant to your audience, providing the specificity needed to tailor and target your messages. Inspire provides opportunities to test messaging and positioning and to easily determine what delights your audience.

Build profitable relationships and customer delight

Inspire’s research offerings help you know your audience’s level of knowledge and understanding.  Inspire makes health literate marketing possible.

Capture value from customer return

Capture value from customer to create profits and customer equity

The “good will” generated in Inspire’s supportive, empowering environment builds consumer affinity and loyalty with your product.  As products mature, understanding the evolution of patients’ perceptions can inform transitional marketing strategies and guide investments.

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