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Partnership & Customers

Medical Product Industry

Patient-Centric Business Solutions

Inspire’s mission is to accelerate medical progress by creating a world of connected patients. Inspire facilitates “in the moment” patient engagement throughout the medical product life cycle. Timely research helps our customers develop relevant new products and services, evolve their brands, and improve their customer experience.

“All in One Place” means Inspire’s customers have access to the intersection of authentic patient insights and true patient engagement.

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Inspire Insights™ offers clients access to the authentic and unique patient voice.   Our Insights™ products enable brands and research teams to gain timely patient intelligence throughout the patient journey — the “lived experience.”

  • Private Research Communities
  • Survey
  • Social Listening
  • Virtual Interviews

Private Research Communities

Inspire builds and hosts private research communities to allow for long-term client interactions with patients and/or caregivers.  These private research communities are created based on our client’s specific needs.



Surveys with Inspire feature short turn-around times because Inspire’s engaged patients and caregivers respond quickly. We have obtained 150 responses to a 15-minute survey within 10 hours of deployment. From start to completion, Inspire can field responses in 24 to 48 hours.


Social Listening

Inspire’s communities are rich in user-generated content (UGC) making them ideal for secondary research and thematic analysis. Inspire’s capabilities include 1) research of the customer’s specific topic of interest, 2) data analysis and 3) a detailed report of the findings.

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Virtual Interviews

Through virtual interviews, Inspire’s experienced moderators uncover unique perspectives, unvoiced attitudes and beliefs of its members.  Virtual interviews allow for significant discovery through a mix of open-ended and specific, drill-down questions.  These interviews are designed to enable in-depth analysis of patients’ perceptions.

Inspire Engage™ offers clients opportunities to that build, launch, and/or promote their brands. Condition-specific targeting engages members and communities on Inspire at higher-than-average industry performance rates. Clients can be confident that our channel will return optimal engagement results for their next campaign.

Display Advertising in Inspire Communities and Emails

Custom Email Deployments

Sponsored Community Partnerships with Exclusivity

Pharma & Biotech Industry


Clinical Research Organization

Nonprofit Organizations

Inspire offers free, online communities for to qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit patient advocacy organizations. To date, Inspire has over a hundred partners.

Partner with the largest social network for health.

As the leader of in patient-centric social networks with over 100 partners, Inspire has the expertise and experience in building and managing online communities of all sizes for patients and caregivers. Through the community, our partners are able to not only to provide valuable resources to their members, but also a great place where members can share stories to support each other.

Partner Benefits

  • Partnership is free to qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.
  • Inspire provides a responsive web design with great UI/UX for users.
  • Partners can integrate branding, social media activities, and other content with Inspire community.
  • Partners can promote fundraising and advocacy efforts to Inspire members.
  • Partners can access Inspire community metrics to improve engagement strategies.
  • Partners can rely on Inspire staff for daily moderation, technical assistance and marketing support.
Why partners work with us

“Inspire is built on trust and the staff is tremendous with their responsiveness and allowing us to offer a very safe community.” -Kerri Connolly, Program Manager, Scleroderma Foundation

Community partnerships for nonprofit organizations