Leveraging real world patient generated data to build clinical, commercial, and medical strategies

Inspire case studies in partnership with pharmaceutical HEOR teams

About these case studies

Everyday on Inspire, patients discuss treatments and ask clinical questions of each other. On-the-spot, real life details emerge in these conversations.  

With careful, anonymized analysis by Inspire’s Insights Research team,  a wealth of valuable real world data can be obtained. Pharmaceutical clients questions can be answered.

View three case studies (from a recent webinar) that filled knowledge gaps for our HEOR pharmaceutical clients. 

Case Study 1: Unmet patient needs across seven (7) solid tumors

Case Study 2:  Challenges of patients and their caregivers with metastatic cancer

Case Study 3: Patient burdens and successes with autoimmune disease treatments.


View our recorded case studies

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Claire Harter, MA Senior Research Manager

Claire is a senior research manager performing targeted social listening and digital analytics in the healthcare field. Her research background includes secondary and primary research in marketplace discourse, social and online identities, and doctor-patient communication. In addition to performing research, Claire is herself an active patient and advocate for narcolepsy, HHT, and chronic pain. Claire earned her MA in Linguistics from the University of Florida with a focus in discourse analysis and sociolinguistics.

Aleah Goldin MA, MFA Research Manager

Aleah is a research manager experienced in leading projects across the healthcare space to help clients better understand patients’ unmet needs and pain points. Her research background includes patient journeys, message testing, concept testing, and usability. Aleah regularly moderates interviews and focus groups with Inspire members and synthesizes the data to tell cohesive, compelling narratives. She earned her MA in Composition and Rhetoric and her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Alabama. Aleah currently lives in Easton, PA with her rambunctious cat.