Social media is a great avenue for patients to discuss their personal health. Industry needs to implement new ways to engage, access and support patient populations in a digital space. Inspire’s solution to this problem is creating a safe online environment for industry and patient/caregiver interaction called Inspire Launch. Launch is the centerpiece of industry patient support and engagement strategy. Sponsoring a community encourages longitudinal patient interaction while having branding and resources readily available to patients.

Two ways to utilize Inspire Launch

  • Creating a sponsored disease-specific community with Inspire. These disease specific communities are a key pillar of strong patient engagement and support strategies by helping patients find each other and connect.
  • Creating a company-wide community to foster discussion around companies products or offerings across all therapeutic areas (TA). This option is ideal if the focus is solving one piece of the patient engagement puzzle across all TAs simultaneously.

Value to the client:

  • Safe, single environment for all client, patient and caregiver interaction.
  • Patients and caregivers have intrinsic motivation to return frequently (Daily/weekly/monthly).
  • Actively engage your audience through promotional initiatives while obtaining insights on your consumers’ needs and wants.
  • Support patients throughout their entire patient journey from pre-diagnosis to diagnosis and treatment.

Value to the patient & caregiver:

  • Emotional support, practical support, and sharing of scientific/industry information.
  • Connect with friends, read other’s content, create their own content, share pictures, etc.
  • Opportunities to volunteer for clinical trials and market research.
  • Patients will gain more trust working with industry through community engagement.

What is a community?

Communities with Inspire are disease-specific online spaces for industry, patients and caregivers to interact. Users or members can gain further knowledge about the disease affecting them, seek and offer support for one another and connect with others with similar circumstances.

Included Basic Features

All Inspire communities include

Threaded Posts

Threaded posts are a staple of site, and are an integral part of the service.

Personal Profile

Enables community members to build an online profile comprised of personal and health information. This allows other members to see where this member is on their “journey.”

Social Networks

As each community member builds a personal profile, other members who share similar personal or medical traits will be able to easily locate and communicate with them based off the information provided.

Anonymous Health Profile

Upon registration, members provide anonymous health information.

Moderated 24/7

Launch communities can have custom moderation rules to align with your legal requirements.

How Inspire Launch Works


The Inspire Launch team helps you design and develop the community launch plan and strategy.



Custom moderation guidelines are created to monitor the community.



After community launch, Inspire moderators will assist in driving member discussion.



Community member acquisition will be grown through internal/external channels such as social media, email, etc.

To learn about the effectiveness of launching a community, read our case study, Launching communities with Inspire: The Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor (PNET) support community.

Interested in creating a community with Inspire?