Inspire Ambassador Program

Why you should become an Inspire Ambassador

  • Advocate for your Inspire community
  • Receive a sneak peak at new Inspire features
  • Have the chance to earn e-gift cards
  • Acquire Inspire Swag!

    Become an Ambassador today!

What Inspire members say about being an Ambassador

“I am very much enjoying being part of the Ambassador program and have even made some new ‘friends’.”

“I am so happy to be involved in something that I am so passionate about.  Thank you again so much for the opportunity to work with Inspire.”

“As I often write, I hope to help other new sarcoidosis patients understand the illness and navigate the system with much less stress than I experienced after my diagnosis (and during the long years before that.)  Inspire lets me do that!”

What is the role of an Inspire Ambassador?

Help Inspire members find relevant information

Post and respond to community members

Spread the word about Inspire

Support the mission of Inspire

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between an Inspire Ambassador and other patient roles associated at Inspire?
    An Inspire Ambassador is a volunteer patient advocate who is personally impacted by a condition and is someone who provides resources and support for their community members.  Please note that being an Inspire Ambassador is not connected to any individual nonprofit partner of Inspire.

  • Is an Inspire Ambassador the same thing as being a mentor?
    Although an Ambassador helps other community members find resources and support, this is not considered a mentorship program. 

  • What is the time commitment for this position?
    About five hours per month. There will be a one-time training session for all new ambassadors that will take an additional 15 minutes of your time. However, we recognize that many unexpected circumstances can arise when living with a health condition or caring for someone with a health condition. If you need to step away, please contact your Inspire point person to inform him or her. 

  • Will I get paid as an ambassador?
    While you will not be paid in cash, Ambassadors have the opportunity to be compensated through redeeming e-gift cards earned by accumulating points for various Ambassador activities.  The e-gift cards will be redeemable for such companies as Target, Apple, WalMart, and Best Buy. Additional benefits of being an ambassador includes Inspire swag, recognition from Inspire through social media, invite-only receptions, sneak peaks at new Inspire features, among other opportunities. 

  • Will my identity be made public?
    The privacy settings you have associated with your Inspire account will stay the same, including your user name and related information. You are in control of the level of personal information you choose to share. However, we encourage you to introduce yourself to your fellow community members as a community ambassador. 

  • Is this a multi-year commitment?
    No. We will be requesting a one-year commitment of each new Ambassador, and we envision extending the terms for those who are interested in staying in the role.