How has COVID-19 impacted chronically ill patients? 
Patient Reported Outcomes from Social Distancing and COVID-19

How have shifts in healthcare delivery affected the well-being of chronically ill patients?

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Who should attend:

Presenter: Kathleen Hoffman PhD, MSPH
Senior Health Researcher/Writer, Inspire

Kathleen is a social science researcher, health literacy and health communication specialist and writer who develops evidence-based communications focused on the human side of healthcare. Her research background includes quantitative research on:

  • patient reported outcomes
  • health communication
  • persuasion
  • the media

She also has expertise in qualitative research using content and frame analysis to gain insights from patient online communication. 

Kathleen earned her PhD in Communications from the University of Alabama, preceded by a master’s degree in Television and Film from Syracuse University and a master’s degree in Public Health at UNC-Chapel Hill. 

She is  a two-time fellow of Healthcare Communication at Harvard University’s School of Public Health.