What Patients Can Teach Us About Living with Uncertainty 

A Healing Story Session

Artwork by Elizabeth Jameson

June 22

4 - 5:15 PM ET

“Healing narratives are relevant to all of us. These stories transcend illness as a celebration of hope, human resiliency and dignity.” -- Annie Brewster, MD, Health Story Collaborative

We are honored to invite you to What Patients Can Teach Us About Living with Uncertainty: A Healing Story Session, a free online educational event co-hosted by Health Story CollaborativeInspire and the Society for Participatory Medicine. A pertinent topic in this world of seismic uncertainty, our two extraordinary storytellers both living with chronic disease and progressive disability, will share their experiences of navigating unexpected and unpredictable challenges.

The Healing Story Session will feature Elizabeth Jameson, an artist, writer and patient activist, and Keisha Greaves, a fashion designer, blogger, keynote speaker and patient activist. These two nationally known women have a lot to teach us about living with the unknown, something we can ALL benefit from now. 

About the Speakers:

Keisha Greaves

Keisha Greaves is a business executive, fashion designer, activist and founder of Girls Chronically Rock. She lives with Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. Keisha writes that “sharing my story and accepting the fact what was going on with my body, I knew they were others out there like me and other people who I wanted to connect with who can relate to my story.”

Elizabeth Jameson

Elizabeth Jameson is an artist, a writer and an activist dedicated to celebrating and embracing the imperfect body as part of the human experience. Much of her artwork is focused on transforming medical images into objects of beauty. She has been living with progressive MS for many years and is on a lifetime journey of redefining herself in living with the uncertainty of chronic illness.