Digging Deeper, Reaching Farther:
Multi-Wave Research Yields Clinical Patient Insights

The need for multi-wave research

What are the benefits of doing multi-wave research with patients and caregivers for clinical trial design and development? How can multi-wave strategies better inform clinical researchers of unmet needs of patients and caregivers? This webinar will share examples from qualitative and quantitative multi-wave case studies.

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Benefits of attending the webinar

Learn how multi-wave quantitative surveys can be used for in-depth insights on clinical trial design.

Understand how multi-wave research using qualitative analysis of online patient communication can identify key changes in patient knowledge and awareness of clinical trial results.

Discover how multi-wave strategies allow researchers to refine their understandings of patients through deeper dives into previous research findings.

Who should attend

Presenter: Hannah Eccard
Senior Research Director, Inspire

Inspire is the leading healthcare social network, with a mission to accelerate medical progress through a world of connected patients. Inspire consults with pharmaceutical companies, leading medical centers and government agencies to integrate patient-centricity into the pharmaceutical product lifecycle and patient care journey.