“Learn something from every patient” – Dr. James Allison, Nobel Prize Winner

"Learn something from every patient" By Kathleen D. Hoffman, PhD “I’m an exceptionally lucky guy,” the newest Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine said in a recent interview.1 Dr. James P Allison, Executive Director of the Immunotherapy Platform at MD Anderson Cancer Center, was “just trying to understand the immune system” 2--and that curiosity led to a discovery that has revolutionized cancer treatment. Allison described the beginnings of this interest in the immune system during a press briefing at the International Cancer Immunotherapy Conference in New York, held October 1 after he received notification from the Nobel [...]

What Do Patients and Caregivers Know about Immunotherapy?

What Do Patients and Caregivers Know about Immunotherapy? Inspire’s Immunotherapy Awareness and Perceptions Survey According to a 2012 study, patient activation means “having the knowledge, skills, and confidence to manage one’s health.”  The study confirmed that better health outcomes are typically associated with greater patient knowledge and activation.1  As the field of oncology continues to embrace personalized medicine with immuno-oncology and immunotherapy, patient activation is essential. Today, in a world with content flooding every single channel and device we own, consumers are either over-informed, or under-informed.  A wide range of information sources, ranging from news outlets to [...]