Federal Agency Perspectives on Clinical Trial Eligibility: Spring 2018

Federal Agency Perspectives on Clinical Trial Eligibility: Spring 2018 “Most current [breast cancer] clinical trials only enroll what I call the metastatic cancer ‘Olympians:’ the healthiest of the dying, those who are on their first or second line of therapy, who have limited metastases, who don't have brain mets, who don't have other diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure,” Dr. Kelly Shanahan, an obstetrician-gynecologist, activist, consumer reviewer for the Department of Defense Cancer Research Program and patient with stage 4 breast cancer said in an interview via email.1 Dr. Shanahan’s description matches many of the concerns [...]

Everything Your Organization Needs in One Place: Inspire Products

Everything Your Organization Needs in One Place: Inspire Products Inspire has four product lines available to address the needs of the life science industry and other healthcare organizations, like hospitals and clinics. Thousands of patients within Inspire’s communities are interested in and actively looking for opportunities to participate in clinical trials. They are members with rare diseases as well as more common conditions. They are asking each other questions like: “How do I know if a clinical trial is right for me? How do I know if I am right for a [...]

Virtual Patient Engagement: Inspire and the NIH Clinical Center

Virtual Patient Engagement:  Inspire and the NIH Clinical Center Engagement with patients and caregivers is at the heart of Inspire’s community of cancer, chronic, and rare disease support groups.  While there are many ways Inspire can help the industry engage with a targeted patient population, virtual patient engagement  and authoritative expert content are central to that engagement.  For example, we recently conducted five webinars and started a new discussion post series called “Ask the Expert.” During these webinars and through the question-answer format of the “Ask the Expert” series, Inspire educates and engages members, [...]

Introducing Inspire Recruit

Introducing Inspire Recruit Commonly discussed statistics on patient enrollment and retention in clinical research paint a bleak picture. Clinical trial on-time completion rates are low--only around 20%. This is due in part to the fact that 85% of clinical trials fail to retain enough patients.1 The causes may lie in the low levels of knowledge about clinical trials. A recent survey found that only 19% of the public felt very informed about clinical trials.2 The actions of Inspire’s 1.3 million members reflect this uncertainty.  Searching Inspire for “clinical trials” yields over 50,000 unique discussions. “Looking for clinical [...]