Implementing patient centricity?

Implementing patient centricity? By Monica St. Claire Over 1,000 employees from bio-pharmaceutical, medical device and associated supplier companies responded to the Aurora Project’s recent Patient-Centric Benchmarks Survey. Of those respondents, 91% said patient centricity is important, a 6% increase from 2016. But only 30% believe the industry can make it a reality. Knowing how to be patient centric seems to be the missing ingredient. Only 22% of respondents agreed with this statement, “We know exactly what and how to teach [patient centricity] to our people.”1 While many articles call patient centricity a “mantra” and “cliché,”2 Inspire [...]

How R&D Teams Can Use Patient-Centricity for Clinical Trial Optimization

How R&D Teams Can Use Patient Centricity for Clinical Trial Optimization By Monica St. Claire In 2014, Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development performed a comprehensive assessment of the use of social media and digital technology in clinical research. This forward-thinking study revealed that pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies and contract research organizations (CROs) had not implemented strategies to effectively utilize and capitalize on the patient and caregiver content available.1 Today, Inspire’s products and services address these clinical trial optimization essentials. Specifically, our tools provide pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies’ research and development (R&D) teams as well [...]

Brain Tumors-What patients and their caregivers need-An Inspire Insights: Engage Case Study

Brain Tumors - What patients and caregivers need - An Inspire Insights: Engage Case Study By Monica St. Claire Almost 80,000 adults will be diagnosed with brain or spinal cord tumors in the US this year.1 Seven hundred thousand are living with brain tumors in the US today.1 Although extensive media coverage of political figures, Joseph “Beau” Biden and Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy, as well as Senator John McCain’s July 2017 diagnosis, has placed a spotlight on an extremely aggressive and rare brain cancer, glioblastoma, there are actually over 120 different types of brain or spinal cord [...]

Qualitative analysis informs all of Inspire’s research offerings: An Inspire Engage case study

Qualitative analysis informs all of Inspire’s research offerings: An Inspire Engage case study By Monica St. Claire "Where is the understanding we have lost in knowledge?” ~T. S. Eliot 1 Inspire’s research team approaches all its work by first becoming immersed in patients’ and caregivers’ “in-the-moment” sense-making. The tool they use, qualitative research, is the listening side of scientific exploration. In its many formats - social listening, thematic analysis, linguistic analysis - qualitative research makes sense of phenomena using the meanings that people bring to them, understanding experiences through their view of the world. 2 An [...]