Patient Support Needs Patient Input

Patient Support Needs Patient Input By Jeff Terkowitz Here’s a patient support marketing scenario: You’re in charge of creating a patient support program that reaches out past the point of prescription. The drug you’re supporting is a molecule that requires long-term adherence to be effective. You’re looking for end-to-end results. You’re undoubtedly considering a range of options from nurse follow-up calls to automated text reminders to remote patient monitoring with wearables. Perhaps you need choose between specialty pharmacies or hubs or are involved in creating a training program so specialty pharmacies can provide the best patient support [...]

Listen to People Impacted by Rare Disease

Listen to People Impacted by Rare Disease By Kathleen D. Hoffman, PhD “The success (or failure) of the majority of rare disease drug development programmes rests on surrogate outcomes (e.g. laboratory measures, organ size) that may not reflect treatment benefits that patients value.”1 ~Morel and Canto Thomas Morel and Stefan Canto’s position paper from 2017 clearly describes the dilemma faced in rare disease research. Lab measures and organ size don’t speak to what patients with rare diseases experience, need or value. This focus on measures that are not meaningful impacts the development of rare disease treatments [...]