What’s Pharma’s Key to Success in 2021?

What's Pharma's Key to Success in 2021? By Kathleen Hoffman, PhD, MSPH What commercial and clinical trends can we expect to shape pharma and biotech as the pandemic continues into 2021? What can your company do to make 2021 a better year? In August, Deloitte surveyed 60 marketing leaders of biopharma companies and published the findings. Fully 80% of respondents expected changes in “consumer attitudes, behaviors, and spending” to have the biggest impact on their company over the coming year.1,2 This supports Deloitte’s 2019 report anticipating a “consumer-centered future of health,” including the consumer’s increased willingness to [...]

Top 5 Ways Online Patient Communities Can Reduce the Cost of Clinical Trials

Top 5 Ways Online Patient Communities Can Reduce the Cost of Clinical Trials By Jeff Terkowitz Trying to rein in clinical trial costs? You’re not alone. A JAMA research study of 138 trials for novel therapeutics found that clinical trial costs ranged from less than $5 million to $346.8 million, with a cluster of trials coming in between $12-33 million -- and that was for trials in 2015-2016.1 Let’s agree on two things: It hasn’t gotten any cheaper, and finding qualified participants is still an issue. Here are five ways online patient communities can reduce the costs [...]

Recruiting Rare and Oncological Patients? Top Pharma Turns to Inspire

Recruiting Rare and Oncological Patients? Top Pharma Turns to Inspire By Jeff Terkowitz Did you know that 80 percent of Inspire’s members agreed to receive information from Inspire about clinical trials? That’s about 1.6 million members with conditions in oncology, rare diseases, autoimmune disorders and chronic conditions who want to know if and when trials affecting their condition might be recruiting. Pfizer needed to find rare patients with genetic resilience to lung cancer. On Sept 23, the Breakthrough Staff at Pfizer wrote, Normally, discovering a small cohort or one or two families who meet such criteria might [...]

How R&D Teams Can Use Patient-Centricity for Clinical Trial Optimization

How R&D Teams Can Use Patient Centricity for Clinical Trial Optimization By Monica St. Claire In 2014, Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development performed a comprehensive assessment of the use of social media and digital technology in clinical research. This forward-thinking study revealed that pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies and contract research organizations (CROs) had not implemented strategies to effectively utilize and capitalize on the patient and caregiver content available.1 Today, Inspire’s products and services address these clinical trial optimization essentials. Specifically, our tools provide pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies’ research and development (R&D) teams as well [...]

Virtual Patient Engagement: Inspire and the NIH Clinical Center

Virtual Patient Engagement:  Inspire and the NIH Clinical Center Engagement with patients and caregivers is at the heart of Inspire’s community of cancer, chronic, and rare disease support groups.  While there are many ways Inspire can help the industry engage with a targeted patient population, virtual patient engagement  and authoritative expert content are central to that engagement.  For example, we recently conducted five webinars and started a new discussion post series called “Ask the Expert.” During these webinars and through the question-answer format of the “Ask the Expert” series, Inspire educates and engages members, [...]