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Obtaining almost 15,000 data points from patients in a little over 24 hours is remarkable.  But it’s all-in-a-day’s work for Inspire.  Our engaged membership is accessible and ready to provide clients with the insights they need.  In this case study, the research results proved to be the basis for the clients first ATU following FDA approval.  Learn more about the speed and flexibility available through Inspire’s research offerings by downloading the case study below.


Ascertain a full 360-degree perspective and fill in the gaps in the ovarian cancer patient journey.


Inspire invited members of its OCNA (Ovarian Cancer National Alliance) Support Community to complete 30-minute online survey consisting of 86 possible questions with advanced branching logic.

Inspire collected 70 responses within 6 hours of deployment and 102 additional responses within 24 hours of launch before closing the survey.  Inspire conducted a thorough analysis of the almost 15,000 data points and built a comprehensive report for the client organized thematically by areas of interest.


In addition to leveraging the findings to help refine brand materials pre-launch, many of the insights here were used as foundational elements in the client’s first ATU (Quantitative survey measuring consumer awareness, trial, and product usage) following FDA approval.

Download “Complex Quant To Fill Gaps In the Patient Journey”

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