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Commonly discussed statistics on patient enrollment and retention in clinical research paint a bleak picture. Clinical trial on-time completion rates are low–only around 20%. This is due in part to the fact that 85% of clinical trials fail to retain enough patients.1 The causes may lie in the low levels of knowledge about clinical trials. A recent survey found that only 19% of the public felt very informed about clinical trials.2

The actions of Inspire’s 1.3 million members reflect this uncertainty.  Searching Inspire for “clinical trials” yields over 50,000 unique discussions. “Looking for clinical trials” yields almost 40,000.  When it comes to clinical trials, Inspire members are seeking information, discussing their experiences, and trying to help each other. Their questions mirror those of other potential participants. For example:

“What should you ask when looking into Clinical Trials?

Hi all! I am back after “Chemo failure” from this last 6 months of _____….My doctor said we can go back to.…____ regimen or …look for clinical trials. I am not sure how much of a guinea pig I am willing to be… but, of course, want to consider anything that might help. Does anyone know how to get information on clinical trials? My Dr. is looking, of course. I want to know what to ask, what statistics to look for, what phase of trial means, etc.”

“Looking for Clinical Trials !!!!

I am actively looking for a clinical trial to join. I’m presently talking with [three locations]. There are trials I’m suitable for, however I don’t know what the drug differences are and I live in ____, meaning travel on a regular basis. I’m looking for anyone here that is in a clinical trial and can give me advice based on your own experience.”

“Clinical trials: Costs, Insurance coverage, etc.

I was wondering if anyone could share information about costs of clinical trials. Do insurance companies support clinical trials in state or out of state? I understand that clinical trials usually pay for the experimental drugs but if [it is] routine care such as labs, scans, etc, th[e]n the individual or insurance would pick up that costs. I would appreciate if anyone who participated in a clinical trial would share their experience about the financial end of clinical trials.”

Inspire Recruit

To provide an end-to-end patient recruitment service to pharmaceutical companies, Contract Research Organizations (CROs), and to facilitate our members’ search, Inspire will be offering a new initiative called Inspire Recruit.

“Our goal is to help personalize and improve the enrollment experience for patients,” said Inspire CEO Brian Loew. “I am confident that together, we can have a major impact on patient recruitment.”

Awareness and confidence are both key components of effective clinical trial recruitment.  Over 40% of people who had never participated in a clinical trial were not confident that they could find a research study that was right for them, according to a worldwide 2017 survey by  the Center for Information and Study of Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP). Even among those who had already participated in a trial, almost 20% were not at all or not very confident that they could find another research study that was right for them.3

“Deciding to participate in a clinical trial is one of the most important decisions a patient can make,” Loew said.

Making sure Inspire members could find the right clinical trials for them directly influenced the decision to partner with industry that can help with the matching process to guide members to appropriate clinical trials that are right for them.

“Our partners combine innovative clinical trial matching engines with an expert referral management team to help members of Inspire’s large patient community find and enroll in the ideal trial,” Loew stated.

Pharmaceutical industry professionals and CROs already know that Inspire provides a comprehensive service through Inspire Promote to enable them on-demand outreach to relevant patient segments. Raising awareness about certain studies, tracking enrollment and, of course, gathering unique patient insights  are part of that package. This expertise, blended with screening, tracking study participants, and trial site management will allow Inspire Recruit to significantly decrease enrollment timelines, increase clinical trial completion rates, and accelerate medical research.

Now, instead of managing multiple vendors, pharmaceutical companies can find all the capabilities they require in one place with Inspire Recruit.  For more information contact us

See our case study “Gaining Understanding of the Needs of Rare Cancer Patients to Enhance Clinical Trial Participation”

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