About Odin Soevik

Odin Soevik is a Product Manager at Inspire, overseeing a patient-centric line of promotional products. With a background in medical-device prototyping and marketing, Odin has helped start up teams develop clinical applications, while educating new patients and caregivers. Odin is a graduate of the University of Maryland, where he helped teach students in the Master's in Technology Entrepreneurship program.
Product Manager, Inspire

Join the Party…Sponsored Content / Native Advertising!

Join the Party...Sponsored Content / Native Advertising! By Odin Soevik There are two ways to be invited to a party where someone is selling something. Either your host tells you, up front, that it’s a party where part of the event is sales-related, and hopes you’re interested. Or, there’s the kind where you thought you were being invited over for dinner but you find out, too late, that your host is selling you life insurance. When the latter happens, you may not know how you feel about your friend. It’s the same with native advertising. Sponsored [...]

Buzzword Bingo and Sponsored Content/Native Advertising

Buzzword Bingo and Sponsored Content / Native Advertising By Odin Soevik “Buzzword bingo” is a game in which everyone in a meeting gets a one-page grid of today’s business buzzwords. Each time a person in the meeting says one of the words, you mark the box with that word in it. The first person to mark off a full line of buzzwords, wins. If you work in pharmaceutical marketing, your bingo card definitely has some form of the word “storytelling” on it, along with a set including authenticity, relationship, brand equity, eWOM, influencers, and the old [...]

Boosting Engagement with Inspire Promote: Sponsored Content

Boosting Engagement with Inspire Promote: Sponsored Content By Odin Soevik Last year we created a new Promote offering - Inspire Promote: Sponsored Content. Sponsored Content, a form of native advertising, allows clients to publish long-form, brand-sponsored content with the look and feel of posts within the discussion feed of our communities. (See, Turning Visitors Into Customers: Introducing Sponsored Content On Inspire). Unlike banners or other advertising products, Inspire Promote: Sponsored Content blends almost seamlessly into the feed. Yet we are careful to follow regulatory guidelines that ensure that the content is clearly labeled and not misleading to members and [...]

Real World Evidence Substantiates the Audience Quality of Inspire’s Membership

Real World Evidence Substantiates the Audience Quality of Inspire’s Membership By Odin Soevik With spending on direct-to-consumer digital advertising at $343 million in 2017, pharmaceutical companies want to know that their money is spent to reach the right patients and caregivers at the right time.1 Reaching a quality audience has been the challenge for online advertising. But now, companies have access to Real World Evidence (RWE), from electronic health records to patient claim records and other “big data” extraction. RWE is being coupled with marketing strategies to determine audience quality.2 Recently, a digital agency for a major [...]