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Genomic Testing for HR+/HER2- Breast Cancer

Genomic Testing for HR+/HER2- Breast Cancer Breast cancer (BC) is the most common cancer diagnosed globally, with 330,000 new cases predicted in the United States during 2022. But those numbers don’t account for patients who were previously diagnosed and experience disease recurrence. Experts are particularly concerned with disease recurrence in patients with hormone receptor-positive/HER2-negative (HR+/HER2-) BC. This subtype of BC accounts for approximately 70% of all new cases. The initial outlook for HR+/HER2- is promising — more than 90% of people get diagnosed in early, non-metastatic stages (stages I-III). But even though experts continue to advance [...]

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Optimizing the Patient Perspective

Optimizing the Patient Perspective As medicine has evolved, so has the role of patients in their medical care. Today’s patients are more active and involved. They have questions and seek answers — from family and friends, medical professionals, online communities, social media, and yes, Dr. Google. Identifying and responding to patients’ questions and concerns about their diagnoses and care plans can go a long way toward instilling confidence in their treatments. Increasingly we find that when it comes to the development and introduction of new drugs and medical interventions, it’s important to factor in the patient [...]

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New Treatments for Migraines Sufferers

New Treatments for Migraines Sufferers An estimated 39 million Americans experience migraines — that’s more than 1 in 10 people. People of all ages, including children, can develop this disabling neurological condition. They experience recurring intense throbbing or pulsing head pain, sometimes accompanied by nausea, an aura, and light and sound sensitivities. From the community: “I have had migraines all my life. I have learned to live with and deal with many of them but every so often there are the ones that don't respond to anything or are significantly disabling. I often have them for [...]

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March 2022

Volume 15 | March 2022 ENDOMETRIOSIS AWARENESS MONTH Celebrities with endometriosis sharing stories and spreading awareness In recognition of Women's History Month and Endometriosis Awareness Month, we are highlighting well-known women who have the condition. One in ten women suffers from endometriosis. The condition occurs when tissue, similar to the lining of the uterus, grows outside the uterus in a woman's abdominal cavity. It causes heavy bleeding, abdominal pain, and can cause infertility. Several prominent women have spoken out about their experiences. Actress/YouTube Star Tia Mowry-Hardrict, 43, thought she was alone in her suffering because she didn't know anyone else [...]

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Feburary 2022

Volume 14 | February 2022 HEART MONTH Join WomenHeart in Spreading Awareness about the Risk of Heart Disease While heart disease is the leading cause of death in women, less than half of women in the U.S. are aware of that risk. Fortunately, 80% of heart disease is preventable.February is American Heart Month. Act now to take control of your heart health. In addition to eating healthy and exercising regularly, women should see a health care provider to learn their numbers: their blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. If any of those are out of the healthy range, there are [...]

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January 2022

Volume 13 | January 2022 ACTIVITY SUMMARY The New Activity Summary Email The new Activity Summary email now highlights the most active posts in the communities you belong to. With a Recommended Post feature, Active Posts section, and New Members section you can see highlights in one concise email. We updated this email to be more reflective of our site changes (more coming soon). It adds a "Read more" option to direct you to active posts in your communities for your comments and reactions. This new format has removed repeats of discussions, journals, and replies and if you’d like to [...]

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Redefining Life as a Patient and Caregiver : Experts by Experience 2018

Redefining Life as a Patient and Caregiver : Experts by Experience 2018 Parenting and caring for a child with a medical condition challenges Erin Moriarty Wade. She writes, “I know that the patient experience begins long before you meet the doctor. I know that sometimes even parking your car can become a big part of that experience–especially when you have to park at a distance with a cranky toddler in a stroller, and a child hobbling in pain. I understand the fear that patients may feel, and I appreciate the role of the oft-forgotten caregiver.” Early [...]

1.6 Million People Accelerate Medical Progress

1.6 Million People Accelerate Medical Progress When Brian Loew founded Inspire in 2005, he never dreamed of its impact on members, on himself and on the people who worked with him. “When someone tells a story about how, by connecting with others, they learned that a certain treatment was possible. And they credit being alive because of that -- it makes you realize that this is not just a matter of 1.6 million people -- but a matter of a ton of individual lives that are affected by what you created.”1 On April 3, Loew shared this [...]

Finding Patients With Rare Cancers Quickly

Finding Patients with Rare Cancers Quickly Almost one-third of all cancer deaths are caused by rare cancers but rare cancers represent only between 23.4% and 27% of all cancer cases.1 Between 25 and 30 million Americans and around 30 million people in the European Union live with rare diseases.2 Rare cancers are classified under rare diseases and are defined by the EU Society of Medical Oncology as having an incidence of less than six occurring per 100,000 persons per year.3 The National Cancer Institutes define the incidence of rare cancers as 15 per 100,000 persons per year.4 [...]

In new report, Inspire examines clinical trials, genetic testing

In new report, Inspire examines clinical trials, genetic testing Editor’s note: Last week, Inspire released, “Insights from Engaged Patients: An Analysis of the Third Annual Inspire Survey”. Over the past three years, the Inspire Annual Survey has captured insights of over 30,000 respondents, representing more than seven million data points. In the following excerpt from the report executive summary, Dave Taylor, Inspire’s Senior Director of Research, discusses some of the findings from this year’s survey, and its implications for industry. While the proverbial needle has not moved much during this time across many of the attributes we [...]