An Im-patient Voice:
Transforming Real World Data from Patients into Real World Evidence

The Need to Understand Real World Data (RWD)

Unstructured communication in health social media and surveys of patients contain enormous amounts of real world data (RWD).  Transforming this data to the real world evidence (RWE) – demonstrable outcomes information useful for decision-making – requires strategic knowledge and understanding of the patient voice.

Inspire Senior Research Director Sara Ray, MS, describes two case studies where RWD transformed to RWE elicited patient lexicon about condition and health status, determined message understanding and obtained attention grabbing language that improved product marketing.

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Why attend the webinar 

Learn how unstructured communication and survey results can be used to build effective product messaging and content that elicits patient response.

Understand the process of transforming RWD to RWE for actionable results.

Participate in a live Q&A

Who should attend

  • Senior Global Product Manager
  • Senior Product Manager
  • Market Researchers
  • Insights Professionals
  • Manager: Marketing and Business
  • Project Manager/Planner
  • Pharmaceutical product marketing team members
  • Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) teams

Presenter: Sara Ray
Senior Research Director, Inspire

  • Experience leading projects across the healthcare space to better inform clients and prioritize the patient’s voice and experience in research.
  • 8+ years in qualitative research, including in person and virtual interview moderation, and analysis of unstructured patient conversation.
  • Draws from expertise in Sociolinguistics, Ethnography, Discourse Analysis, and unstructured data analysis.
  • Research background focusing on challenges, health literacy, and experience throughout the patient journey.

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