Inspire helps national patient advocacy organizations connect patients & communicate with them

More than 100 national patient advocacy organizations partner with Inspire to create secure and moderated online support communities, organized by medical condition. Inspire communities are free for qualified 501(c)(3) organizations.

Inspire communities allow patients and caregivers to connect with others who share their health concerns by creating personal profiles, participating in discussions, and blogging. Extensive privacy features allow members to control exactly how their personal information is shared with others.

As an Inspire partner organization, you can:

  • Use e-mail to promote your fundraising and advocacy efforts
  • Learn about your constituents through our Inspire Insight platform
  • Leverage our search engine optimization to increase traffic to your site
  • Survey community members about important issues
  • Share resources and educational materials within your community

Inspire handles the management of the community. Our team is responsible for the moderation, technical support, back-end communications and other day-to-day obligations of running successful online support groups. This allows you to focus on your organization's priorities.

To apply for a partnership with Inspire, or for more information, complete this form or e-mail

Partner communities

What inspires us is listening to our NCCC membership come together to speak out on the unique physical and emotional issues related to cervical cancer and HPV disease. Our NCCC membership are our heroes!

— Alan Kaye
Chair, Board of Directors
National Cervical Cancer and HPV Coalition