Inspire Recruitment

Inspire helps companies Recruit in Advanceā„¢ by creating large, engaged communities of likely clinical trial participants well before they are needed. Companies look to Inspire because of its active communities and its ability to create awareness programs about upcoming trials. Inspire can identify and contact potential participants quickly and efficiently.

Inspire also works with companies to establish and maintain relationships with multiple trial sites, with secure Web sites for managing patient referrals. A dashboard feature allows our clients' investigators to monitor outreach and referral activity in real time.

Using its Quality Assurance methodology, Inspire can survey patients about their principal investigators. Companies can use this insight to evaluate how investigators worked with the patients.

Q: In your opinion, what benefits can the pharma industry derive from having an awareness of what is happening in patient social networks?

A: "We see a shift wherein patients are not just taking part in their care but defining it. Patients make decisions about managing their disease, defining their quality of life, and deciding how their dollars are spent. Historically, industry has sought to answer its own questions. There now exist opportunities to benefit from authentic conversations with patients about what patients think is important. Patients are thought leaders, too. The companies that respect patients by getting in front of this shift and embracing it will be the ones patients trust."

— Inspire CEO Brian Loew,
     from PharmaVOICE magazine

One example of Inspire's expertise in trials recruitment involved a top five pharmaceutical company that was planning a phase II non-small cell lung cancer trial. Inspire created and implemented an outreach program to raise awareness of the clinical trial among members of Inspire's Lung Cancer Survivors Support Community. Inspire then queried its lung cancer community via e-mail at timely intervals in order to identify and contact relevant participants. The client set a target date for Inspire to refer the dozen patients in a year. In four months, Inspire referred 16 patients who met the referral criteria.

Read the case study about the lung cancer project.

For more information about Inspire Recruitment, please contact Amir Lewkowicz, Vice President of Partnerships, at or (617) 372-2636.